Tips on freelancing from Laura Kalbag

I found this video to have a lot of good points, so I felt the need to share it. I started out freelancing as much as I could while I was in college. Since getting a full-time job I’ve cut back on the freelancing but still really enjoy doing it even though I don’t have to. When I do get some freelancing jobs, I’ll be sure to keep these points in mind.

Quick points from the video

Watch the video for an expansion of these ideas.

  • Make a good workspace for yourself
  • Be nice to clients
  • Be able to explain what you’re doing
  • Choose your clients carefully and set boundaries for work hours
  • Take money up front as a deposit
    • Set up retainers with set pay dates
  • Make a contract – Right Signature
  • Figure out a reasonable hourly rate
    • Factor in responding to emails and other tasks that you wouldn’t think of
  • It’s not about getting as much $ as you can out of people – be professional, be friendly

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