Thoughts on my next 30 day challenge

As I wrap up my first 30 day challenge, which was a pretty easy one, it’s time to start thinking of what I’m going to do for my next one. I’ve already had some ideas bouncing around my head but I think it’s time to start putting them into practice.

I started thinking about doing something healthy for 30 days, but when I got thinking about it, I started wondering why would I only want to do something healthy for 30 days. Why not just make that change in my life?

So for my next 30 day challenge I want to spend at least 1 hour per day creating a jQuery plugin. In the beginning it will probably be mostly about reading how to make a plugin and planning it out. The rest of the time will be spent developing and testing.

I have a few ideas. It may not be the greatest plugin ever but it’ll be something I made. Top contenders right now are a plugin version of my simple jQuery sticky footer that I’ve written about in the past or an accordion that I developed while working at Binghamton University.

Either way it should be fun and give me an opportunity to give back to the coding community. I’ve used so many libraries and plugins that other people have written, it’ll feel good to give something back.

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