Thing one thing I don’t understand about Google Photos

UPDATE (10/4/18): After purchasing a Google One account and seeing how Photos was using almost 5GB of my storage quota, I finally figured it’s time to see why this is happening. I’m pretty sure if you had a bunch of photos on Google+ when it transitioned to Google Photos, your photos counted against your Google storage, even if they were under 16MP when Google Photos announced unlimited storage. Fixing it was easy, after contacting Google support, they informed me that if you go to settings in the Google Photos web interface, there is a “Recover Storage” button. This compresses photos that are larger than 16MP. It’s a little confusing because I don’t have a camera that can take 4K video or photos higher than 12MP, but regardless, if it removes the 4.89GB of Photos storage from my Google One storage, I’m happy. I’ve left the original post below, unedited.

Let me be clear: Google Photos is awesome and I love using it, but as a loyal Google user, I feel a little slighted. Here’s why.

When photos were managed by Google+, they counted against your storage. I accumulated a lot of photos during this time.

Now that Google Photos is out, they are offering FREE storage (that does NOT count against your storage quota) if the photo is under 16MP.

But wait a minute, all those previously uploaded photos are still counting against my storage, even though they were imported into Google Photos and are less than 16MP.

Not a huge deal, but a little disappointing. Anyone else have this experience?


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