The beginning of 30 day challenges

This is a video by Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google. The video is only ~3 minutes long so give it a watch if you haven’t already. This got me thinking: since I said “bye bye” to Facebook, I have a little bit more time to do things that make me better. This time, even if its 30 minutes or an hour per day needs to be seized and invested into something useful. This video is a great way for me to focus a little more on being better by giving me a method. This method is very very simple. I just need to pick something, then do it, everyday, for 30 days. It may not make me an expert in whatever I choose, but I’ll be a hell of a lot better off than I was before the 30 days began.

I saw this video around a year ago and I remember thinking, “Hm, that’d be cool to do.” I made one half-hearted attempt to try something and it fizzled out and I continued on in my life. Recently, a co-worker sent me this video and shared that he would be spending his 30 days re-tooling his workflow. It got me thinking about starting up these challenges again. Yeah, I failed to keep at them for 30 days last time but why not try again? I’m at a pivotal point in my life right now. I have a growing desire to become better and improve upon who I currently am and I’m still young enough to make meaningful change in many areas of my life. If one person reads a 30 day challenge that I did and becomes inspired, I’d consider this a success. Or, if I create something during a 30 day challenge that helps someone, I’d also consider this a success. Finally, if I learn something about myself I will definitely consider this a success.

Current Ideas For 30 Day Challenges

  • Write a blog post a day
  • Learn something new about web programming every day and post my findings
  • Walk 3 miles every day
  • Do 60 minutes of cardio/weight lifting every day
  • Write a tutorial of something I know how to do but other people might not every day (that might be hard to come up with 30)
  • Take a photo every day and post it
  • Diet related challenges (no sugar/only raw/alternative therapies)
  • Suggestions?

I’m sure there are many more I’m not thinking of. My schedule isn’t quite ideal right now to start a 30 day challenge, but it will be soon. In the meantime I’m going to think of some good 30 day challenges andย actually do one of them for 30 days! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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