WordPress Development Workflow Tips

WordPress is becoming increasingly popular amongst web developers. If you’re new to developing with WordPress, here are some quick tips that could save you a little bit of time. Get Version Controlled If you’re not comfortable with git yet, I highly recommend you get up and running with it. There are tons of great tutorials […]

Why web developers and designers should use Grunt

Work smarter, not harder The purpose of this post is to help people who are uneasy about using Grunt or other command line tools become aware on what they are missing out on. Chances are, there are a number of reason why you haven’t used these awesome tools that’ll make your life so much easier. […]

The Best Workflow Video I’ve Seen So Far

Paul Irish takes us through a lot of the tools he uses when developing for the web and a very entertaining 56 minute talk. If you find yourself repeating a lot of tedious tasks while developing, this is the video for you to break out of that. This is probably one of the better workflow […]