Adding a select box with categories into WordPress’ theme customizer

Note: for some awesome examples written by the WP team, check out their Github page with some great examples. No more option pages The WordPress theme customizer is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Maybe now, we as developers can all get on the same page when making WordPress themes. I’ve been playing with the […]

WordPress Development Workflow Tips

WordPress is becoming increasingly popular amongst web developers. If you’re new to developing with WordPress, here are some quick tips that could save you a little bit of time. Get Version Controlled If you’re not comfortable with git yet, I highly recommend you get up and running with it. There are tons of great tutorials […]

Making wp_nav_menu work with Bootstrap 3 navbar

Notice! This only works with single level navigation. If your nav needs a dropdown, follow this tutorial which uses a custom nav walker. If you’re using a single level nav, this will do the trick. I’m currently re-designing my homepage functionally and aesthetically and I wanted to use the Bootstrap 3 navbar on the re-design. […]