Problems doing a clean Linux install on HP Pavilion HPE model h8-1330z

This is an update to this post: If anyone has done a clean linux install on an HP Pavilion HPE model h8-1330z please email me or comment below. After wiping the HDD clean, I could not get linux (I tried Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 15 w/ Cinnamon) to boot. Here’s the steps I took: […]

I’m finally making the full transition from Windows to Linux

Today is the day I plan on switching my desktop computer (HP Pavilion HPE) with Windows 7 over to a Linux distro. I’ve ran lots of different Linux flavors (debian, mint, ubuntu) in virtual machines while doing some dev work, but I’ve never made the full leap to a Linux-only desktop. There are a couple […]

Close Windows, Open Doors

Windows 8 features a slick new interface, but at what cost? Having less control over your PC’s settings than Windows 7, it makes me wonder where Microsoft is headed with its Window’s operating systems. One of the more troubling pieces of information from the Upgrade from Windows 8 website is a link showing how a […]