Sharing content between Drupal multi-sites with RESTful and Feeds modules

At Oswego, when we decided to go with Drupal multi-site, one of the biggest drawbacks was the ability “out of the box” to share content between sites. But when you think of it, how much of Drupal works just as you’d like right out of the box? We looked at a few options but what […]

Creating a hero page template in Drupal

Prerequisites Using Panopoly + Panels + Panelizer Our current sub-pages look like this:   Drupal is really good at having a consistent header throughout the site. But what if you want to have a landing page that looks like this: At first this seemed impossible to me, but after reading about theme_hook_suggestions and preprocess functions, […]

Think systems, not pages

People are used to thinking about the web in terms pages. Most modern CMSes can make pages, but if you’re using them properly what you’re actually creating is a system of interconnected content. That’s a whole lot more awesome than pages. That’s the difference between creating structured content vs. having unstructured pages. Structured content allows you to: Filter or sort only […]

Drupal 7 – Creating a template suggestion for a node’s view mode

After watching this video, the relationship between nodes, views, and view modes really started clicking for me. I decided to try and provide template suggestions for all my node types and their view modes. This simple code in template.php did the trick. Obviously you’ll want to replace THEME with your theme’s machine name. What this […]