Goals for 2014

Better late than never. I have some goals for 2014.

Restructure Blog: Write More Content, Refine Old Content

I write about a lot of things here. I post personal stuff, I post photos, and I post code tutorials. I need to restructure this in a way that makes a little more sense and put my Information Science degree to work. 🙂

Looking back on my content is … a little cringe-worthy right now for me. I want to focus my content a little more on this blog and really start pumping out some good stuff. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and have only written a few articles about what I’ve learned. There are even some articles that are in severe need of an update because I’ve learned a lot more since originally publishing. I already have a decent list of post topics in a Google doc, I just need to write them.

Author a jQuery plugin

The second most popular post on my blog is a post where I (primitively) explain how to position a footer at the bottom of the screen using jQuery. I get a lot of traffic from that one post and I actually feel bad about it because I already know of a better way to handle that problem. Thus, in 2014 there will be a jQuery sticky footer plugin that is completely customizable.

Author a free WordPress theme

WordPress is almost an extension of me at this point. I spend a lot of time within WordPress in and out of work. It’s my web solution of choice for just about everything. For my theme, it’s going to be a starter theme, meant for hacking. It is going to be based on Underscores but with Bootstrap pre-baked into it. I’d like to add grunt support for those who use grunt for WordPress theme development.

Write an(other) Android app

I’ve written an Android app once before, but I’d like to stay current and write another one. I have a few ideas that will help me stay healthy, maybe someone else will get some use of it too.

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