Problems doing a clean Linux install on HP Pavilion HPE model h8-1330z

This is an update to this post:

If anyone has done a clean linux install on an HP Pavilion HPE model h8-1330z please email me or comment below. After wiping the HDD clean, I could not get linux (I tried Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 15 w/ Cinnamon) to boot.

Here’s the steps I took:

At this point I’m running Windows 7 and I no longer want Windows 7 on my computer. I booted into a live CD of Linux Mint, opened GParted, wiped my drive clean, then formatted ~996GB to a primary partition as an ext4 file system. I used the remaining 4GB as a linux swap partition. When I went to go into the installer, it wasn’t acting normally. I’ve installed Linux Mint on my laptop and it didn’t act like this.

I would get this screen in the installer:
I realize this is an Ubuntu screen shot but the Linux mint one looks the same. I also tried installing Ubuntu and got the same error. Not surprising since they use almost identical installers.

It would then move me to the “Something else” screen in the installer where it would ask where I want to install the bootloader. None of my partitions were showing up and if I tried clicking the + or – or Change buttons, the installer would crash. I’m not exactly sure what was causing this but it was the source of much frustration.

For now I re-installed Windows 7 on my machine and am going to look into other methods of doing a clean Linux install. If anyone has experience with this error please let me know how you handled it. Until then I’ll keep trying to figure it out and post a solution when I come up with one.

Edit 11/23/13: Still no luck, no matter what I do I can’t get the Linux installer to detect the HDD. I’ve also tried disabling UEFI and Secure Boot from the bastardized BIOS that HP left me with. I’m beginning to think that the solution to this problem is to not buy an HP desktop. Next time I’ll build my own.

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