Obsidian is the cure to your note-taking needs

Obsidian is the note taking tool I’ve been looking for.

I really like Apple’s native Note feature but Obsidian is what I wish it was. Obsidian gives you unlimited “vaults” which can be thought of as knowledge bases. Linking, tagging, custom workspaces, community plugins to extend functionality, markdown, it has it all! It’s an open-source project so it’s the result of much community collaboration and feedback and it’s been executed very very nicely.

Check out Obsidian’s website for a full list of features. It’s very simple yet powerful, which is very appealing.

How I use Obsidian

I use the app to contain two “vaults” of knowledge, personal and work. I use Google’s backup and sync utility to sync the files between my different computers and so far it works really well.

One of the real appealing things about Obsidian is that you can split your window panes similar to how you would in an IDE. This makes customizing your note workspace super powerful in the sense that you can be referencing multiple notes at once while working.


I’m still working out a final workflow, but I have a “Daily notes” file that is always in flux, it’s basically a scratch pad file for the day or week.

Most of my note files are created anytime I have an idea that seems good to me in the moment. I open a file and write it down however it comes out of my head. Once I can’t write anymore I may edit it, leave it there for a couple days and come back to it, or I may end up deleting it because it wasn’t as good of an idea as I thought.

Even with this basic usage, I still really enjoy it and look forward to checking out some of the more advanced features.

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