Keeping up with the Joneses? Nah, go with what works for you

I just read a nicely thought out post by Addy Osmani about front end development paralysis. A major point of the article is that there’s just so many solutions and frameworks out there, how can we ever decide which one we’ll use? He writes:

Instead of being happy with our decisions, we’re filled with anxiety. Did I pick the wrong one? Would I have been better off with something else? What would my friends have used? Should I ask them? I don’t want to seem stupid. We’re stuck in a rut pondering whether we’ve missed an opportunity for something better. How many times have you second-guessed your technology stack?

Addy Osmani

This quote touches on an interesting point. One that I have noticed in my short time of being a front-end developer. There’s so many articles out there by talented developers claiming that they have found an extremely efficient way to handle their technology stack, it makes me feel like no matter what I pick, I could potentially find out I’m doing it wrong.

I catch myself getting caught up in this vortex of efficiency doubt. Instead, ask yourself, “Does my technology stack work for me?”

Are there any pain points in your development process? If there are none or a minimal amount, then what you’re doing is fine. If you sometimes hate developing because of all the menial tasks you’re doing, maybe it’s time to read some of those articles by talented developers to get into a new workflow.

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