Adding a select box with categories into WordPress’ theme customizer

Note: for some awesome examples written by the WP team, check out their Github page with some great examples. No more option pages The WordPress theme customizer is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Maybe now, we as developers can all get on the same page when making WordPress themes. I’ve been playing with the […]

Thoughts/resources for making a jQuery plugin

I thought I would share a couple resources for people looking to write a jQuery plugin but aren’t super confident in their JavaScript skills yet. Writing a jQuery plugin was fairly simple. At first it seemed very difficult, but that was because I was looking at JavaScript wrong. I didn’t really know the language well […]

Getting JSON data from Google spreadsheets and using it in Google maps

The problem: This is a screen shot of the map I am working with. Notice the 4 bench markers on the map. Each of these bench markers show an InfoWindow when clicked. The InfoWindow contains a picture of the view at the bench and maybe some caption text. The problem I needed to solve was […]