Think systems, not pages

People are used to thinking about the web in terms pages. Most modern CMSes can make pages, but if you’re using them properly what you’re actually creating is a system of interconnected content. That’s a whole lot more awesome than pages. That’s the difference between creating structured content vs. having unstructured pages. Structured content allows you to: Filter or sort only […]

Thoughts/resources for making a jQuery plugin

I thought I would share a couple resources for people looking to write a jQuery plugin but aren’t super confident in their JavaScript skills yet. Writing a jQuery plugin was fairly simple. At first it seemed very difficult, but that was because I was looking at JavaScript wrong. I didn’t really know the language well […]

Keeping up with the Joneses? Nah, go with what works for you

I just read a nicely thought out post by Addy Osmani about front end development paralysis. A major point of the article is that there’s just so many solutions and frameworks out there, how can we ever decide which one we’ll use? He writes: Instead of being happy with our decisions, we’re filled with anxiety. […]