Thing one thing I don’t understand about Google Photos

UPDATE (10/4/18): After purchasing a Google One account and seeing how Photos was using almost 5GB of my storage quota, I finally figured it’s time to see why this is happening. I’m pretty sure if you had a bunch of photos on Google+ when it transitioned to Google Photos, your photos counted against your Google […]

Lake Placid timelapse

In the playlist below, there are 4 time lapses that I took while vacationing in Lake Placid. My wife and I stayed at the High Peaks Resort and these time lapses were taken from our balcony. Equipment/tools used: Nikon D5100, Amazon basics tripod, Adobe After Effects I shot all the photos as RAW, then […]

Walls Come Tumbling Down – Rethinking Workflow

Original Transcript Worse still are the expectations that static visuals set in the minds of clients, particularly when designers use them as a method to get sign-off for a design. I often wonder, is the fact that so many web pages are fixed-width and centered, a direct result of clients signing off fixed-width design visuals? […]