The Discipline of Finishing: Conor Neill

I am a sucker for TED talks. Here’s one I found particularly inspiring. This video is presented nicely and quite helpful when thinking about your own ambitions. Notes on points I took from this video Write stuff down – you become the cumulative intelligence of your experiences. The author has written every day since he […]

It is all over, but there’s a new chapter ahead!

After 2 1/2 years, it is finally over- I went back to school and actually finished it!  It has been a 10 year road from start to finish, but I am officially a college graduate from SUNY Oswego with a major in Information Science and a minor in Computer Science.  I learned so much during […]

Free Online Computer Courses From Stanford University

The flow of information in this day and age is absolutely phenomenal.  Choose wisely how you use your time – the ONLY non-renewable resource.  I realized I spent a lot of my day consuming information dessert, instead of information that will actually help me to be a better person or help other people. To make […]