Drupal 8 configuration management workflow for multisites

I’m going to document how I handle a project at work with many, many (150+) multisites using Drupal 8 and configuration management. When thinking of what to write for this post, I pretended that this is the blog post I wish I read at the beginning of the migration process from Drupal 7 to Drupal […]

Serving files from a local CORS server for local development

Googling around, I found an awesome little script that allows you to transform python’s SimpleHTTPServer into a CORS enabled server. I copied the above gist into a folder, then within that made a “data” folder where I put CSVs and JSON files for local projects I’m working on. My CORS server file structure. Now, when […]

Deploying Eleventy to a S3 bucket using AWS CodeBuild

It’s no secret that I love automation and making my job more efficient. Netlify has been a game changer for deploying web apps and static sites. However, Netlify isn’t an ideal solution for deploying static sites to sub-directories because by default it deploys to the root of a domain. Maybe it’s possible to change this […]

A component-based theming case study

Often times I’ve seen articles talking about the benefits of components to developers, but less often I see articles talking about the benefits of components to site builders and editors. Component-based theming and site building is where the web is going. WordPress is there with Gutenberg’s block system. Drupal uses Paragraphs, Layout Builder, and probably […]