2019 year in review

2019 was a fairly uneventful year for me in terms of professional accomplishments, but nonetheless it was excellent in terms of challenging some old beliefs and reevaluating the way I am in the world.

Web development

My web development energy was mostly consumed by two things: Drupal 8 and JavaScript (specifically Vue).


To continue my Vue journey from 2018, I re-upped my subscription to Vue Mastery which allows me to quickly keep up with fundamentals of Vue.

While I’m pretty good at JavaScript, I spend most of my time at work wrangling VMs, development workflows, PHP, Twig, and CSS. The JS I write is probably not the “right” way to do it but with everything I juggle, it’s pretty good. To make an effort to level-up my JS skills, I invested in Wes Bos’ beginner JS course. Some of the beginning stuff is very basic but it’s been super helpful to go through it and solidify the fundamentals as well as dive deeper into things I’ve glossed over in the past due to time constraints (like event propagation/bubbling).

So as far as things I’ve actually made, I made a working prototype of a page builder using Vue as the front-end and Firebase to store the pages. It’s a really cool concept that has gained a couple hundred views and some interest since I uploaded it to YouTube in February 2019.

There’s so many design tools / page building tools out there, but none of them make it absolutely dead simple for editors to make pages. I plan on continuing development of this in 2020 and maybe making the code public.

Drupal 8

I really dove into Drupal 8 this year, particularly with Acquia’s BLT, configuration management, and component-based theming. I anticipate several blog posts coming from what I’ve learned about those these topics as my understanding grows and I become more comfortable with them.

I successfully created (at least an alpha/beta version) of a Pattern Lab component library at work. The library is integrated directly into Drupal 8 so the Pattern Lab and Drupal 8 share the exact same Twig template code.


I presented at an accessibility conference with my colleague Pranay about the gains our website has made in regards to accessibility and what the journey has been like. I think this was my first “official” public speaking commitment and considering how much I used to fear it, I think it was a home run.

Awesome pins I got at the conference.

Personal growth

Technology aside, when I think back on the year, 2019 was dominated by a personal growth process that played out in more of an “adult” way than ever before. I took inventory of how I act in relationships and tried to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. “Boundaries” could be described as my word of the year and it’s a very liberating word. There’s entire fields of study on this and it’s indeed a rabbit hole that’s worth going down if you’re feeling pulled in many directions.

That about wraps up 2019! I’m looking forward to a healthy, productive 2020 in all dimensions of my life and wish the same for everyone reading this!

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