As 2018 comes to a close, I’m doing what I do every year and reflecting on the year gone by and looking ahead to 2019. This was a year where I believe I struck more of a work/life balance than previous years when I may have been a bit too ambitious. I learned a few things about technology and had many “first” experiences.

Dove into front-end frameworks (finally)

I’ve dipped my toes in the water during years past, but this is the first year I really got going. I have a working prototype of several apps, all connected to Firebase or FireStore. Vue is definitely my framework of choice right now, I find it very approachable. It might help that I got a subscription to VueMastery which has taught me a TON. So I feel like I understand this framework better than React for that reason.

Dog log – Prototype built with React to demo an idea. The idea was to have an application that my wife and I can both login to that would allow us to see the last time the dog has been outside.

Ego education – Prototype application built with React to allow me to keep track of ACIM Workbook lessons. The lessons help me with mindfulness and keep me focused on what is truly important throughout the day.

Yoga app – Prototype built with VueJS. This application allows you to do Routines comprised of different Asanas. You can name and save your Routines. The app uses Firebase to store the information.

Dining menu – This prototype is from work and was built with VueJS. Data is coming from a vendor’s service and being “massaged” with a piece of middleware, then stored in FireStore before Vue grabs it. Prototype has the ability to login, and add “Favorites”.

New marketing pages at work – With the help of the Digital Services and Marketing teams, we were able to get some awesome work done, including a new “Academics” section of the site, Program Finder, and a revised program page template. This process also gave us a rough blueprint for how to tackle the rest of the higher-level pages on the site. Links and pictures are in tweets below.

Beyond technology, I had some good life experiences that were significant. Visiting the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park were among the experiences. As was hosting our first Thanksgiving (successfully).

Got a new desk setup (I have still yet to get a dimmer)

That about wraps up the highlights of 2018 (that I can think of currently). Here’s to a great 2019. 🥂🍾

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