2015 year end review

It seems like just yesterday I was writing my thoughts on 2014 and 2013. This year marked a couple accomplishments. It was a busy year full of graduate coursework, freelance projects, and full-time work.

In 2015 my title changed from “Associate Web Developer” to “Front-end Developer” which was more apt at the time because a majority of my day was spent working with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Our office undertook a giant project of migrating CMSes. We went from using a vendor’s product to building our own CMS using Drupal and the Panopoly distribution. It’s been quite the undertaking but offered lots of opportunity for growth.

Being a front-end guy, adjusting to Drupal was a little challenging. I was used to WordPress where templating seemed to make a little more sense. I found that in order to do proper front-end work with Drupal, you need to understand PHP well enough to manipulate data using Drupal’s hooks and preprocess functions. In 2016, looking into decoupling Drupal is extremely appealing because of the front-end freedom it provides. No longer will the front end be entangled with a giant monolithic system. I look forward to seeing what is possible.

I did a technical review for Packt Publishing on a book about Bootstrap.

I completed 9 credits of my master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

SUNY Oswego won a national CASE award and CASE DII Gold award on projects that I lead development efforts on.

Began working with a network of 140+ Drupal multisites. I deploy theme, module, and configuration (via Features module) to these sites. I also run updates on them and customize functionality when necessary.

Went to Cornell University for DrupalCamp in April.

Went to Acquia Engage in Boston in October.

Dusted off my Java skills and prototyped a yoga routine app to help with my yoga practice.

Next year I would like to focus more on creating a real pattern library for the site at work. Identifying and designing some more reusable components will be key to have a robust pattern library that faculty and staff will want to use.

Also, 2016 will be the year that I really sink my teeth into some front-end libraries. I’ve begun Wes Bos’ React for beginners course that has proven to be a solid introduction to React. I’d like to

  • build a simple React app of my own
  • implement a REST architecture
    • consume/write data to Drupal
  • build an Angular2 app
  • finish YogaRoutine

I’ve spent some of 2015 reading about these frameworks, now it’s time to actually do it. I’ve been slowly dipping my toes into the waters of front end frameworks and I think it is finally time to take the leap into it and try to build something with them on my own.


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