Obsidian is the cure to your note-taking needs

Obsidian is the note taking tool I've been looking for. I really like Apple's native Note feature but Obsidian is what I wish it was. Obsidian gives you unlimited "vaults" which can be thought of as knowledge bases. Linking, tagging, custom workspaces, community plugins to extend functionality, markdown, it has it all! It's an open-source [...]

Drupal 8 configuration management workflow for multisites

I'm going to document how I handle a project at work with many, many (150+) multisites using Drupal 8 and configuration management. When thinking of what to write for this post, I pretended that this is the blog post I wish I read at the beginning of the migration process from Drupal 7 to Drupal [...]

Serving files from a local CORS server for local development

Googling around, I found an awesome little script that allows you to transform python's SimpleHTTPServer into a CORS enabled server. I copied the above gist into a folder, then within that made a "data" folder where I put CSVs and JSON files for local projects I'm working on. My CORS server file structure. Now, when [...]

Deploying Eleventy to a S3 bucket using AWS CodeBuild

It's no secret that I love automation and making my job more efficient. Netlify has been a game changer for deploying web apps and static sites. However, Netlify isn't an ideal solution for deploying static sites to sub-directories because by default it deploys to the root of a domain. Maybe it's possible to change this [...]